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MeTime Healing Online Counseling

MeTime Healing Online Counseling

MeTime Healing is an online wellness-counseling platform preferred by over 50,000 users with a global mission of delivering excellence and compassionate care for every person, every time!


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100+ Expert Counselors

Our greatest strength is our team of providers at MeTime Healing that offer counseling and coaching in more than 10 languages and consists of over 100 expert professionals with a Master's Degree in Psychology. Inside MeTime Healing, you'll find empathetic and caring experts, driven by the mission of creating a happier and healthier world, by building the best technology, a strong network and a mindful culture.

MeTime Healing provides guidance counseling services that have been proven effective through scientific research. MeTime Healing's online counselors have specialized, trained, and been supervised in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dynamic Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Schema Therapy, and other types of wellness approaches with scientific foundations.

100% Security and Privacy

To ensure 100% privacy and anonymity, none of the online counseling sessions can be viewed or recorded by a third party. All payments are processed on secure pages.

Start 100% confidential online counseling from the comfort of your home or wherever you feel comfortable, and save time and money!

Why Online Therapy?

Studies have shown that online counseling is at least as effective as traditional in-person therapy in enhancing quality of life and reducing symptoms of stress, mood changes, and other emotional issues. Furthermore, some research has reported higher levels of satisfaction among online counseling users due to the convenience of virtual sessions.

Why Should You Choose MeTime Healing Online Counseling?

MeTime Healing carefully selects and trains its wellness counselors and coaches through an extensive interview process and ongoing education and supervision. Providers are regularly evaluated for performance and their educational and professional backgrounds are available on their profiles.