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Clinical Psychologist, Deniz Babaoglu


November 22, 2022


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Self-Compassion Workbook

Is this workbook right for you?

“If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” ~ Jessie Potter

Why do we engage in self-criticism?

We might be engaging in self-criticism or holding back on self-compassion due to our;

1)Positive beliefs about self-criticism:

We might think that self-criticism is our attempt at self-correction. We can think of it as a means of trying to better ourselves, or motivate ourselves to do better. It can also be viewed as a way of keeping us down to earth and humble.

2) Negative beliefs about self-compassion:

We may fear that self-compassion would be a gateway to becoming self-indulgent, lazy, and undisciplined, or feel it is ‘wishy-washy’ or as being weak if you show compassion towards self.

What is the purpose of your self-criticism? Does self-criticism really help you achieve this purpose? Are there negative consequences of being self-critical? How do I feel when I engage in self-criticism? Do I feel motivated or do I feel stressed, anxious, down? How might being more compassionate towards yourself be helpful to you? What would be your motivation to practice self-compassion?

Every behavior, thought, and emotion serves a purpose. However, sometimes this purpose might become more maladaptive than it is adaptive for us, as in, this purpose may no longer serve us. For example, there may have been times, where setting high standards for yourself and engaging in self-criticism in moderation was constructive in helping you achieve your goals; however, with time, it might lead to stress and burnout if it is not balanced with self-care and compassion.

If you want to learn more about self-care and self-compassion review the self-guided workbook prepared by Clinical Psychologist, Deniz Babaoglu. To receive a FREE copy of the Self-Compassion Workbook, send us an email to: and register to download the free copy of the workbook.

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